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About Bria X

What is Bria X?.

Bria X is a new service offering from CounterPath that provides hosted team messaging, presence, screen sharing and cloud-hosted management tools in a subscription package on up to 3 devices. Additionally, it supports high quality voice and HD video calling when integrated with a call server/IP PBX or VoIP service of your choice – providing all the communication and collaboration tools needed for any business situation. Highly interoperable and secure, Bria X provides the ultimate unified communications experience that spans across any device, network and platform to keep you connected – making it the most powerful Enterprise Over-the-Top (OTT) communications solution.

How is Bria X different from other Bria products?.

Bria X combines the feature richness of CounterPath’s Bria softphone suite of clients and includes “premium features” offered separately in other Bria products, such as HD video, screen sharing and royalty-bearing codecs. Users can also send and receive messages across multiple devices as soon as Bria X is set up. A major feature for Administrators is the availability of easy-to-use management tools, offering the ability to provision and manage a team of many from a centralized web interface, including setting up server settings to enable high quality voice and video calling. In addition, Bria X is fully supported with the latest updates and upgrades at no additional cost to the subscription fee.

What is a VoIP service provider?.

A VoIP service provider offers a service that allows customers to make or receive voice calls over the Internet. Another term for "VoIP service provider" is "Internet telephony service provider" (ITSP).

To enable voice and video calling in Bria X, you will need a call server or VoIP service provider who supports SIP connectivity. This means they must support “SIP softphones”, “SIP phone calls on your computer”, or “SIP using a client.” Please confirm with your VoIP service provider that you have all the necessary configurations and settings before setting up.

You do not need a VoIP service that requires an adaptor, VoIP router or gateway device. The only hardware you will need to use Bria X to make or receive voice and video calls is a desktop computer with headset device, or mobile smartphone and tablet device.

To find a VoIP service provider, you can try searching for "VoIP service provider" in your web browser, or visit CounterPath’s ITSP Partner Program page and select the ITSP Certified Partners tab to view a list of VoIP providers who have tested and certified their service with CounterPath’s Bria products.

Once you have signed up with a service provider, you will be provided with account credentials consisting of:

  • A user name such as "6045551212" or "jsmith"
  • A domain name such as "myvoipprovider.com"

(The above two credentials may be combined as one item, such as 6045551212@myvoipprovider.com).

  • A password

You may also be provided with one or two voicemail numbers:

  • A voicemail number for retrieving voicemails
  • A number for sending to voicemail

(If only one number is provided, it is generally the number for retrieving voicemails.)

Other network information, such as:

  • An "outbound proxy address", for example, 123.456.789.012
  • A dial plan
  • The address of a STUN or TURN server

You will be asked to enter the User ID and Password of your SIP account within the Bria X Web Platform in Server Settings when configuring users.

I have a really large team. Are there any limits on the number of users I can have?.

There are no limits to the number of users in your subscription; however, if you would like to purchase a large quantity and have specific branding or feature requirements that may not be met by Bria X, please contact our Sales Team and we can talk to you about creating a custom client for your organization. Complete a Sales Request Form and we'll get in touch with you ASAP.

Can I add more users as my team grows?.

You have the ability to increase and decrease the number of users in your subscription at any time.

How many messages can I send with the messaging service CounterPath provides?

Users can send and receive unlimited messages with CounterPath’s messaging service.

What devices can I download Bria X on?.

Bria X is available on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android platforms.

How do I purchase Bria X?.

You can manage your Bria X subscription plan and upgrade from a free trial at any time. Simply login to the Bria X Web Platform > Dashboard > Your Subscriptions > Click Manage.

Can I still purchase other Bria products?.

You can still purchase our Bria products online here or through iTunes or Google Play.

Free Trial FAQ

What happens after my trial expires?.

Just before your free trial expires you will receive a reminder email to let you know that your trial is coming to an end. You can convert to a paid subscription at any time during the trial, keeping all or some of the users you have added, and you will continue to keep all of your original settings.

Where do I sign up for a free trial?.

Click the “Start a free trial” button below or sign up for a free trial here.

Is the "free" trial really free?.

The trial is 100% free and your credit card information will not be asked upfront.